What is Google Ads and How to work with google Ads.

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 Google Ads :

What is Google Ads and How to work with google Ads.

Google Ads is one of the digital advertising solutions which helps you to reach the

audience and convert them into a valuable customer.

Relevance :

With the help of Google Ads we connect with the right people, at the right time, with 

the right message, Ads can appear at google search, YouTube, and more when 

someone were interested service like yours.

Control :

Google Ads provide us with complete control over the budget. It is in our hands to

choose how much spend per month, per day, and per ad. It is completely in our hand 

to decide whether you want to change the strategy, we can easily adjust our ad, 

modify over budget, pause and restart the campaign.

Results :

We can only pay for results, for example clicking on our website or calling our 

business. Our measurement tool makes it easier to measure how our site, app, and 

ads were performing.

 Google Ads Campaign Type :

  1.  Search Campaign 
  2.  Display Campaign
  3.  Video Campaign
  4.  Shopping Campaign
  5.  App Campaign
  6. Smart Campaign

Search Campaign:

 Search Ads appeared next to google search results and its other google.

partner site, for example You tube, when people look business which is like us. 

 With the help of a search campaign, you make more potential customers notice 

your brand, consider your products and take action.

Display Campaign:

 Google Display Ads appear across a network which is more than 2 million 

sites and apps and reach 90 percent of people who were on the internet.

 It is beneficial to Use display campaign to increase exposure and to reach 

audience. Which were in specific interest the web?

Video Campaign:

 With the help of Video Ads, you can reach the right audience at scale 

and attend their attention. It is good to show your Ads on their own or

within other streaming video content on YouTube across Goggle’s 

network or websites and app.

 Video Campaign can help us to narrate our business’s story to life.

Shopping Campaign:

 Shopping Ads appeared on google shopping which were next to search 

results. And which were near text and responsive ads. With the help of

With a shopping campaign you can promote your product by giving 

consumers detailed information about what you’re selling. Before they 

can even select your ad.

 Use a shopping campaign to advertise your local and online inventory.

APP Campaign:

 App campaigns were run our ads across Google largest properties 

which include search, play and YouTube and thousands of mobile sites 

and apps.

 With the help of the App Campaign, you can increase engagement, app 

Inewsletter or ordering a product.

Smart Campaign:

 There is an automated solution for small businesses. Just choose

your business goals and machine learning deliver results through.

Google ‘s search, display, and maps network.

 google Ads.

Business goal with Goggle Ads:

Drive Sale: 

 In Drive sale we draw online, in- app, in person, over the phone.

Get Leads: 

 In Get Leads we by encouraging people we collect their contact


Increase website Visit:

 In website visit we get right people to visit our website

Influence Consideration:

In influence consideration we encourage people to 

 To explore our product and services

Promote our App:

 In this we increase our installation and

 Integration into our app

Value of Goggle search Ads:

 The goggle search campaign was help us to 

 find you whenever they need you most.

 Search per minute: 

Whenever people want to know or buy and go or do. 

 Then Google search is first stop 

 The maximize conversion was possible by online sale.

 And Ad comes the top of the page.

 Whenever we are looking for product and services in these

Cases we go to the Google search, instead of visiting website.

Or YouTube video’s

 And our Ad will appear in Google search & Google search partner.

Setting up a search campaign :

 We decide where your ad wants to be seen.

 We will decide how much you want to spend.

 It is in our hands what you want to share in your ad.

 We focus on keywords that what keywords will match to our 

customer search terms.

What is Google Ads and How to work with google Ads.

Search Campaign Step by Step Process

 First, we select marketing goals.

 Then Select a Campaign.

 Then campaign name duration & daily budget

 Select Devices.

 Then select location.

 Select Languages.

 Ad group name

 Then identify a keyword.

 Ad designe

 And bid strategy.

Headline – 

Headline is to catch customer’s attention.


 URL is for to reach particular page on adventure site.

Description –

 Description is to highlight what your adventure is 


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Keywords Vs Search Term

Basically, what is the difference between keywords and search terms?

Search term is exact words or set of words. Which customer searching

on Google.Com or on search network site.

Whether Keywords are set of words or phrase which Google advertiser

Create for Ad group, to target Ad to customers.

Bid & Budget :

 The daily budget is established for charging limit of an individual

campaign, which is average amount of per which you comfortably

spend on per day basis.

 Monthly Budget = Daily Budget* 30.4


 The maximum cost per- click bid (maximum CPC Bid) which is the

most you’re willing to pay on click on your Ad.

Google Ad Auction -

Maximizing Advertisers Value Optimizing Customer


Advertiser Bid * Estimated Action Rate + Relevance.
 And Quality = Total Value

Google Ads Auction

 Whenever Customer searches, then Google Ads system find all

Ads which keywords match to that search.

 The system ignores those Ads. Which are not eligible for example

that target different country were disapproved based on policy


 And the remaining Ads may show only on the basis of sufficient

high rank.

Ads Selection

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AD Rank

Ad Rank = CPC BID * Quality Score